Know Why Jeeping is beneficial at Zion National Park

Jeeping In Zion

There exists several wonderful ways that one can engage to enjoy outdoors. Among them is hiking, biking, camping, fishing, and rock climbing. Nonetheless, jeeping is often overlooked but is one of the best ways to enjoy outdoor activities in Zion. Jeeping is a fun filled activity for the whole family which can also be combined with other activities. Moreover, jeeping … Read More

Best Hikes in Zion – The Desert Lowlands

La Verkin Overlook

Desert Lowlands hikes can be particularly hot during the summer, which is why hikers choose to hike this section during winter. The Southwest Springdale and North, or Route-9, is a very dry and hot section of ZNP. It is considered to be isolated by many hikers, though they drive to and from the main canyon, they ignore this part of … Read More

Menu Falls – The Most Relaxing Waterfall in Zion Canyon

Menu Falls Zion National Park

Menu Falls is a beautiful waterfall and alcove that is slightly hidden along the picturesque Zion Canyon road. It is located approximately half a mile north of the Big Bend and can be reached by taking the 8th shuttle stop in the Zion Canyon. To reach Menu Falls, takes some effort as there is no official shuttle stop for this … Read More

Reasons Why Cabins are preferred to Hotels?

Cabins in Zion Canyon

Even though hotel rooms have their own advantages, they still have limitations. When making memories with family and friends, you probably won’t remember the room which looked like any other hotel room that you stayed. But we venture to say that you will most certainly remember that cabin that you stayed in, which felt like home while on your Zion … Read More

10 Must Do Activities at Zion National Park

Hiking the Narrows is a Must Do in Zion

Now that you are in the ever popular Zion National Park, you should enjoy everything that it has to offer. With its natural landscapes, you can go beyond just sightseeing. There are plenty of activities to try. Are you ready to have a once in a lifetime vacation experience? Here are the top ten activities that you should try while … Read More