Camping Zion

Camping in Zion National Park

Finding life in outer-space might be easier than showing up in Zion National Park un-announced and finding a camping location. Of course, the analogy falls short in that life beyond earth has yet to be proven whereas camping spots have surfaced from time-to-time, but is increasingly rare.

In 2017 the park boasted over 4.5 million visitors. Social media and a robust economy have both contributed to the substantial numbers. Reservations are a must if you plan on camping at ZNP. If you would like to make, reservations use this online address or call 877-444-6777.

If you have specific dates in mind for your Zion adventure and the park’s campgrounds are full, there are several other options just outside of the park. Many of the private campgrounds are within minutes of the park. These alternatives are recommended as all of the campgrounds provide aesthetically pleasing views. It’s hard to go wrong in Southern Utah. 360º views are stunning from any location. Cut and paste: camping zion national park in any search engine and a myriad of options unfold before you as you scroll.

Unprecedented in the past Zion recently announced that two of their most popular campgrounds: South and Watchman are only accessible through the reservation system. However, it is wise to make reservations if you plan to camp anywhere in or near the park.

South Campground Vitals
1. $20 per night individual campsites
2. $50 per night for group sites
3. 117 camping sites total (all abilities)
4. Potable water
5. Dump station
6. 11 a.m. checkout
7. 14-day maximum stay
8. No electrical hookup
9. No waste hook up.
10. Two-weeks “prior to arrival reservation.”
11. Reservations online at
12 Call in reservations at 877-444-6777

Watchman Campground Vitals
1. Very popular
2. 1/4 mile from South Entrance
3. 176 camping sites
4. Two wheel chair sites
5. Six group sites
6. Generators not permitted
7. Sites with electricity $30 per night
8. Tent sites only $20 per night
9. Can make reservations up to 6 months in advance
10. Make reservations at 877-444-6777 or

Lava Point Campground
1. Campground is in Zion but over an hour from the main entrance
2. Open from May to September
3. Approx. 8000 ft elevation
4. No charge for camping!
5. 6 campsites, considered primitive
6. Vehicle length 19 ft max
7. More information visit

One cannot go wrong with any campsite at or near Zion National Park. Whether its public, private or government-operated the entire Southern Utah region is extremely gorgeous. If you are in the park or outside of the park looking at it from a distance, you will be pleased.

Photo by Nick Varvel

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