Lodging Near Zion National Park

The decision to visit Zion National Park is an easy one to make. With natural beauty and endless activities, Zion has everything for the adventurer that lives inside us all. It takes just moments to look around and realize that you have stumbled upon a truly special place.

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Since there is so much to do and see in Zion National Park, why would you want to leave, even for a second? You have the incredible option to not only enjoy activities in this park but also call it home during your stay. This unbelievable opportunity to keep adventure just outside your door is one that should not be passed up. By utilizing one of Zion National Park’s lodging options you are ensuring that your stay is as relaxed and worry-free as possible. Forget about those vacations that leave you stressed and upset from a day of fast-paced hustle and bustle. Become one with nature and the splendor it has to offer by immersing yourself in Zion National Park.

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Why choose Zion National Park?

Unlike your traditional trips to the beach or amusement park, you will experience things at Zion National Park that are very hard to find in this fast-paced world. Serenity, action, beauty, and adventure are just a few things to look forward to when visiting Zion National Park. If you dream of a vacation where you don’t spend time waiting in lines, finding parking spots, or wading through crowds you can’t get much better than Zion National Park. Let wide open spaces greet you and submerse yourself in natural wonders. Hiking, horseback riding, wildlife and more are waiting for your arrival. Visit the 'things to do' page to discover the many journeys you can get involved in. Once you book a room at one of the many lodging options Zion National Park has to offer you will be incredibly close to one of the most beautiful places in America, Zion National Park.

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Stay close to adventure

With so many vacations you must get in the car and take a lengthy trip to get to your desired destination. Rather than stay far from the action you can stay in, or incredibly close to, Zion National Park. By cutting out so much travel time you can make the most of your vacation- Every minute of it!
There are very few locations that can offer you such a wide variety of experiences in one place. By staying in or near Zion National Park you are just steps away from every adventure you can imagine. Whether you enjoy a long hike through the winding countryside or a heart-racing climb on a steep rock face you will not be disappointed. If you or other individuals in your party prefer to stay on the safer side, there are options available for them as well. Golfing, horseback riding, and ATV rides are fun and relatively safe ways to take in all the joys of Zion National Park.
Imagine waking up in the morning, looking out your window, and seeing an incredible landscape just waiting to be explored. As you drink your morning coffee and ready yourself for the day you can gaze off into the same terrain that you will be hiking later in the day. By staying so close to Zion National Park you are truly submersing yourself in nature.

Surround yourself with natural beauty

It only takes a few moments to see the beauty and splendor that Zion National Park has to offer. If you have only seen Zion National Park in pictures, be sure that justice has not been done. Standing at the base of a canyon or looking down a back-country hiking trail is a breathtaking experience that can only be understood in person.
Many of the natural features Zion has are very unique to the area. You will have views of the famous Zion Canyon, beautiful rock layers of the Colorado Plateau, and the stunning Virgin River. These incredible sites were created over many, many years and should be viewed by all who are able. If you could remain a part of this beautiful landscape for the duration of your stay, why wouldn’t you? By choosing Zion National Park lodging you never have to leave the serene wilderness.

Find luxury among the wilderness

Even the toughest of adventurers wants to put up their feet at the end of a long day. All the wild action and breathtaking experiences will leave you needing a place to relax and recharge. Zion National Park lodging offers a wide variety of hotels, motels, and lodges. Even the pickiest of travelers will find accommodations that are just right for their needs.
Many lodging options offer coffee, breakfasts, and even turn down service. From exploring the rustic countryside in the afternoon to unwinding in a comfortable, pillow to bed in the evening you will truly experience the best of both worlds.
Available amenities at some of your lodging options:

  • Continental Breakfast
  • Indoor Pools
  • Spas
  • In-hotel restaurants
  • On site laundry
  • Pet-friendly rooms

If the above amenities are important for you during your stay, or you have other needs that must be met, be sure to check out the wide variety of hotels listed on our website. The hard work has been done for you will the inclusive list provided. All you must do is pick the right fit for you and enjoy your stay.

A variety of locations

If lodging as close to Zion National Park as possible is not a priority, you have some great options as well. Maybe you would like to be closer to the Grand Canyon or Las Vegas. If that is the case, you can choose one of the hotels that are 30 or more miles in the direction you would like to be closer to. For example, staying in Kanab will bring you closer to the Grand Canyon so you can visit both natural wonders during your trip. Alternatively, you may want to stay in St. George which brings you slightly closer to the great urban sites and nightlife in Las Vegas.
Having so many options of not only hotels but also cities means you can make the most of your trip for everyone involved. There really is something for everyone when choosing to lodge near Zion National Forest.

Don’t wait, come explore

Realize that you do not have to settle to remain in or near Zion National Park. You can expect to find luxurious hotels while still experiencing the adventure you crave. After deciding which hotel will be the right fit for you and your travel companions the only thing left to do is have the experience of a lifetime. Take in the scenery, hike, climb, and explore a landscape unique to Zion National Park. Take pictures and vacation without worry knowing that once your action-packed day is over you can retire to a comfortable room with all the coziness of home. When you return home, your friends will marvel at how much rustic adventure you encountered. Even more, they will be impressed by your ability to find all the important creature comforts in a country setting. By taking advantage of the lodging in and near Zion National Park you are setting yourself up to have an unforgettable journey.