Zions Rivers Edge Adventures


Nestled along the lush green landscape of the Virgin River, Zion Rivers Edge Adventures is located just 2 miles from Zion National Park. With easy access through their exclusive Private Adventure Road, experience the spectacular, up close views of the hidden gems of Zion National Park and the vast and beautiful Virgin River valley.

Experience Zion Rivers Edge Jeep Tours

Whether this is your first time visiting Zion National Park, or you are a local area expert, our professionally guided Zion Jeep Adventure Tours provide you with exclusive viewing access of the most popular points of interest, including the Virgin River Valley, Zion Lava Ridge Mesa, the Canaans, Smithsonian Butte, West Temple, Zion Cliffside Point, as well as Zion National Park.

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Exclusive Access Zion Jeep Tour

Picturesque views await you on this scenic Zion Jeep Tour. Embark on your journey over a smooth, private, off-road trek up to Zion Lava Ridge Mesa. Your adventure continues towards the base of West Temple, the highest peak in Zion National Park. Finish the trip with the vast views exclusive to Zion Jeep Tour.


Exclusive Access Zion Jeep Tour and Grafton Ghost Town Experience

Experience Grafton Ghost Town, one of the most popular historic attractions near Zion! Travel back in time to the beautifully maintained ghost town of Grafton, last occupied in 1944. This historic Mormon settlement is nestled amidst orchards and farmland, providing peaceful surroundings of the Virgin River and a well-preserved cemetery with headstones dating back as far as the 1860s.