Experience the Less Traveled Side of Zion with East Zion Jeep Tours

East Zion Jeep Tour Experience

When visiting Zion, there are many exciting outdoor adventures that can be enjoyed. Most activities will give visitors a great view of the landscape, a sense of excitement, and an appreciation for the untamed wilderness. However, they often require intense physical activity and can take days to complete. These other activities, like hiking, biking, and climbing, aren’t ideal for those who would like to see a large majority of the Zion landscape, since they rely on how far the adventurer can travel on their own. A better option for those who would like to see a large portion of Zion is a tour with East Zion Jeep Tours.

These tours are more than just a ride around Zion. Tour guides will take groups on their choice of four amazing tours, giving them the chance to see many different parts of Zion. The tours offered include the Red Canyon Jeep Tour, Brushy Cove and Elevator Road Tour, Pine Knoll at Sunset, and the Slot Canyon Exploration Tour. During these tours, visitors will learn about the interesting history of the area, get unbelievable views of the countryside, and, for the more adventurous guests, even rappel into one of Zion’s many slot canyons. The excitement is endless and the memories everlasting on a tour with East Zion Jeep Tours.

Experience the East Side of Zion!

The Rich History of Zion

Before the designation of Zion National Park and the construction of the many attractions, restaurants, and hotels in the area, there were people who called this area home and helped to make it what it is today. The history of Zion goes back over a thousand years, and includes many different cultures from around the world. From the native inhabitants to the European settlers, Zion has a rich and interesting history.

The first known inhabitants of Zion were a native community known as the Anasazi. Over a thousand years ago, the Anasazi lived in communities throughout what is now Zion. It is believed that the Anasazi had a population of over 200,000, and their communities stretched across the four corners of Utah, Arizona, Colorado, and New Mexico. Today, visitors can see evidence of their existence in many different parts of Zion. From their rock homes to their beautiful petroglyphs, or rock art, the Anasazi certainly made their mark on the area.

Over the years, many more groups visited and settled in the Zion area. In the 1700s, Spanish explorers came to the Zion area. Silvestre Vélez de Escalante and Francisco Atanasio Domínguez were the first people of European descent to reach Zion. These explorers walked the land, road along the rivers, and marveled at the unique landscape.

In the 1800s, European settlers began making their way to the area. Utah was a place where many people felt they could make a new life for themselves and their families. These pioneers built their homes, businesses, and places of worship around Zion and across Utah. Today, many of their historic buildings can still be seen near Zion and the surrounding areas. So many groups throughout history have helped to mold Zion into the amazing area it is today.

Tours Available

Each tour that is led by East Zion Jeep Tours is organized to create the best experience for passengers. Since there are so many tours to choose from, every adventurer will be able to choose the perfect adventure for their needs. Whether it’s a ride along the backcountry, a heart-racing descent off a plateau, a scenic drive at sunset, or a rappelling adventure in a slot canyon, East Zion Jeep Tours will give guests the Zion experience they crave.

Red Canyon Jeep Tour
Enjoy the gorgeous sights of Zion while embarking on a thrilling adventure. This four to five-hour long tour will take passengers down the side of a plateau in a specially designed Jeep. The thrilling drive will continue to the east fork of the Virgin River, offering an incredible view of the landscape. During the adventure, guests will learn about the history of Zion, and they will even get to see ancient Anasazi petroglyphs. Explore the rugged terrain, enjoy the beauty of the land, and create memories that will last a lifetime on this tour with East Zion Jeep Tours.

Brushy Cove and Elevator Road
This four to five-hour long journey will take passengers to places of Zion that many have never experienced. The tour begins with a fast ascent to high elevations. The sturdy Jeep will take riders up a set of switchbacks, climbing to dizzying heights in no time. From these heights, guests can get an incredible view of the many natural features, like the red rock cliffs, plateaus, and slot canyons, that make Zion so unique. From there, the tour will lead past an abandoned miner’s cabin to Brushy Cove, a quiet, serene area of Zion. This tour with East Zion Jeep Tours showcases just how lovely the Zion area is.

Pine Knoll at Sunset
For those who would like to take a short tour, but still want to see amazing views and have a Jeep adventure, the one-and-a-half-hour-long Pine Knoll tour is a great option. This tour takes passengers on a drive along the Zion backcountry and onto 4,000 acres of Ponderosa property. From here, the drive will continue to Pine Knoll, so guests are at a high elevation when the sun begins to set. Passengers will enjoy a delicious treat as they marvel at the beautiful Zion sunset during the Pine Knoll Tour with East Zion Jeep Tours.

Slot Canyon Exploration
Though Jeep tours are extremely fun and thrilling, some travelers wish to do something a little more daring while they are in the Zion area. For those adventurous souls, East Zion Jeep Tours offers a Slot Canyon Exploration Tour. This tour will start with an exciting ride in a Jeep. The Jeep will drive passengers to one of Zion’s slot canyons. From there, guests will embark on a breathtaking rappelling adventure. There are two rappelling lines, which take visitors over 120 feet into the slot canyon. From there, they can explore the geological wonder that surrounds them. This is the perfect tour for those who want to get up close and personal with the Zion landscape.

Experience the East Side of Zion

Explore Zion with East Zion Jeep Tours

Though there are many ways to be guided along the Zion landscape, East Zion Jeep Tours are clearly the best way to explore the area. These tours allow travelers to sit back as a professional tour guide drives them past incredible sites. The specially made Jeeps provide a comfortable ride, even in the most daring settings. And, as if that wasn’t enough, these tours will show visitors more of the landscape than they could ever see while traveling by foot. Every visitor to the Zion area should be sure to contact East Zion Jeep Tours to experience Zion in a new, unforgettable way. Call or go online to book the adventure of a lifetime with a Jeep tour today!

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