Kolob Canyon

Kolob Canyon in Zion National Park
Zion National Park is so vast, it can be difficult to see the entire park, even when visiting for a long time. But, one part of Zion that should not be missed is beautiful Kolob Canyon. In the northwestern section of Zion, guests will find this massive portion of gorgeous red rock and wonderful trails. There are so many things to see here, guests could spend many days exploring the area. Once guests find Kolob Canyon, they will be in awe of its many special sites and the exciting activities to enjoy while there. This section of Zion is a hidden gem, waiting to be explored. So, whether visitors are in Zion for a few days or a few weeks, they should make sure to put Kolob Canyon on their must-see list. It is sure to be an amazing experience.
Finding Kolob Canyon
To get to Kolob Canyon, guests will take Interstate 15. The Kolob Canyon entrance is just off the highway at exit 40. Once there, guests will pass by the Visitor’s Center. This is where any information about Kolob Canyon can be found. From there, guests will take a beautiful drive along the red rock landscape, marveling at the amazing views surrounding them. Guest can get out and explore Kolob Canyon, or just take a scenic drive through the area. Any amount of time spent in Kolob Canyon will be unforgettable.
Kolob Canyon’s Many Wonders
At every turn, visitors will find something new to marvel at. From the red rock to the wildlife, everything about Kolob Canyon is truly incredible. While there are many things to see in Kolob Canyon, below are some of the best things to enjoy while in this beautiful area of Zion.
Natural Formations
Across Kolob Canyon, there are many different natural formations that help to make the area unique and beautiful. Kolob Arch, which is a gorgeous red rock arch, is a very popular site in Kolob Canyon. Many people like to stop for a picnic at Timbercreek Terrace, which gives an amazing view of Kolob Terrace. But, perhaps the most unique thing about Kolob Canyon, is the many finger canyons throughout the area. These formations show off the amazing rock patterns that the Zion area is known for. Without all these gorgeous natural formations, Kolob Canyon would not be the same.
Exciting Trails
There are many trails to explore in Kolob Canyon, ranging from very easy to incredibly strenuous. Some of the most popular trails are Middle Fork of Taylor Creek, Timbercreek, and Kolob Arch. Though these are the most traveled trails, there are over a dozen trails throughout Kolob Canyon that are waiting to be explored.
Plants and Wildlife
The Kolob Canyon area is less busy than other parts of Zion, so wildlife is usually more active. Guests may see a mule deer drinking from the creek, or watch a peregrine falcon soar overhead. In the lusher areas of Kolob Canyon, gorgeous plant life sprawls across the landscape. Guests should make sure to take a moment to observe the beautiful plant and animal life in Kolob Canyon.
Activities in Kolob Canyon
Much like the rest of Zion, Kolob Canyon has many exciting activities for visitors to enjoy. Experienced outdoorsmen, families with young children, and everyone in between can find something incredible to do in Kolob Canyon.
Since Kolob Canyon has many places to explore, many people chose to camp here or take long backpacking trips that require staying out overnight. For backcountry camping, permits are required. Permits can be obtained at the Visitor’s Center. Anyone planning to camp in the Kolob Canyon area should check in with the Visitor Center first. Camping can be a great way to connect with nature and make the most of a visit to Zion.
There are many different hiking trails in Kolob Canyon. The trails range from easy day hikes to very strenuous backpacking trips. Some hikes may include canyoneering, climbing, and other skills. Whether heading into the finger canyons or hiking along a creek, each hike will offer amazing views of the Kolob Canyon landscape.
Ranger Led Tours
Kolob Canyon also offers many ranger-led tours, which are perfect for those who would like to see the best parts of the landscape, or who would like to learn about the area. These ranger tours include hiking, nature walks, and many other exciting activities within the park. Having a ranger’s guidance while exploring Kolob Canyon can offer guests an invaluable experience.
Don’t Miss Kolob Canyon While in Zion
Take a break from the hustle and bustle of the rest of Zion and retreat to Kolob Canyon. Though it may not be the talk of the park, Kolob Canyon holds many adventures for visitors. Whether visiting Kolob Canyon to sightsee, hike, camp, or just drive through the area, spending time in this beautiful area will be a time well spent

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