Zion National Park Prepares for Busy Labor Day Weekend

Zion Labor day weekend

Zion National Park is starting preparations to prepare for the anticipated busy Labor Day weekend with changes being put into effect starting Friday, August 30th, and continuing through Monday, September 2nd. Those planning on visiting Zion should anticipate congestion and queues within the park. If possible, the park is encouraging guests with flexible schedules to visit the park before Friday or after Monday to help with crowding.

What to Expect

Both campgrounds located within the park are full for the weekend. Campground and other lodging options are available within the surrounding communities. Please plan your trip accordingly.

Parking in the Zion Canyon Visitor Center as well as other parking areas within the park fill by 9 a.m. Additional parking is available within Springdale, with Shuttle Services to take guests to the park from the town.

The Zion Shuttle runs daily from 6 a.m. through 9:15 pm. A shuttle leaves the Visitor Center every 4 minutes, and can hold a capacity of 68 visitors per shuttle. Please be advised that wait times are expected to be anywhere from 30 minutes to an hour and a half during the weekend.

Trail Closures

Visitors are encouraged to plan ahead as there are still several trails closed at this time.

Trail closures include:

  • The Weeping Rock area, including shuttle shot 7
  • Upper Emerald Pools Trail
  • Middle Emerald Pools Trail
  • Hidden Canyon
  • Weeping Rock Trail
  • East Rim Trail
  • Observation point via shuttle stop 7

The Kayenta trail is partially opened, but is only accesible via The Grotto area located at Shuttle Stop 6.

Angels Landing Rerouting

The line to hike Angels Landing which generally forms around Scout Lookout will be managed this weekend from the West Rim Trailhead at The Grotto, similar to how it was rerouted for Memorial day and the 4th of July weekend this summer. This rerouting of the trail will help manage the number of hikers along this steep trail, making it a safer and more enjoyable experience for those hiking the trail.

The reroute offers visitors access to more shade, flush restrooms and water filling stations prior to starting the hike. Hikers will be able to depart the trailhead at a rate of 6 people every 3 minutes, or 120 hikers per hour. Please be aware that wait times are dependent on the number of guests at the area. Wait times during the 4th of July weekend peaked at approximately 3 hours.

Check the Weather Before You Hike

Monsoon season at Zion National Park runs from mid July to mid September. Flash floods are unpredictable and can happen from storms that happen upstream even though skies in the park may be sunny. Like always, be sure to check the weather forecast or check with the Visitor Center for a more up to date forecast when you arrive at the park. Remember that your safety is your responsibility.

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