Zion Mount Carmel Highway Closed Until Further Notice

On March 2nd, the Zion Mount Carmel Highway was closed after reports came in of an active rockslide near the switchbacks below the tunnel area of the highway. After assessing the area the following morning, it was discovered that a retaining wall failed during the rain fall the night prior, causing eight feet of the road to be severely undercut just east of the first switchback along the highway.

Due to the damage, the Zion Mount Carmel Highway and the Tunnel from the East Entrance to Canyon Junction is closed until further notice.

Due to the weekend’s storm, access to the Canyon Overlook Trail, also located near the Zion Mount Carmel Tunnel, is closed. Several canyoneering routes which were also accessed through the road are closed as well.

Those closures include:

  • Keyhole
  • Canyon Overlook
  • Pine Creek
  • Spry
  • Clear Creek
  • Fat Man’s Misery and
  • Lodge Canyons

With the closure, park officials noted that the East Rim Trail is still accessible through Zion’s East Entrance. 

Alternative Routes

With the shut down of the Zion Mount Carmel Highway alternate east and west driving routes are available to assist guests visiting the area. Routes include Highway 59 from Hurricane, Utah to Fredonia, Arizona and Highway 14 from Cedar City, Utah to Long Valley Junction and Highway 89.

Those traveling via Interstate 15 to Zion National Park can still access the park like usual by traveling east on State Route 9 through Springdale, Utah. While the highway remains closed, all park facilities, including the visitor center, shuttle services and campgrounds will remain operational. 

Trail Closures Still in Effect

Visitors should anticipate trail closures as park officials work on cleanup and restoring damage that was done during the recent storms. 

Closures still in effect include:

  • Kayenta Trail & Upper Emerald Pools remain closed due to a landslide that has continued to settle since it happened in July of 2018
  • East Rim Trail, access to Hidden Canyon and access from the main canyon to Observation Point remain closed after a landslide left an unstable overhanging boulder back in January of 2019.

Updates will continue to be given as they are made available.

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