Operation Helipoo: Trails in Zion to close for waste removal

Celebrate National Park Week on Angels Landing

Zion National Park Crews will be removing waste from evaporative toilets at Scout's Lookout on November 9 from 7 a.m. to 1 p.m. 

The removal of the waste, done once a year by hand and helicopter, will cause trail and road closures during the day to help ensure the safety of visitors at Zion National Park.

Angles Landing and the West Rim Trail will be closed at the West Rim/Kayenta Trail Junction as well as the Patio, which is located just above Scout's Landing. There will be flaggers stationed along the Scenic Drive around the area of Big Bend, for when flyovers will result in road closures. Traffic, including shuttle buses, will be delayed that day. 

Alternative hikes are recommended during the hours of operation of the waste clean up. Hidden Canyon and Observation Point trails can still be accessed through shuttle stop 7 near Weeping Rock. 

The clean up, referred to by park staff as the helipoo operation, has become a reoccurring challenge for park management. According to park managers, the evaporative toilets that were installed were not equipped to handle the large increase in tourism to the park, and are designed for an average of 50 visitors per day. 

To help alleviate with the overuse of the toilets, park visitors are being asked to use the restrooms that are located at the shuttle stop and Grotto Parking are before heading towards Scout's Lookout.

One Comment on “Operation Helipoo: Trails in Zion to close for waste removal”

  1. %) visitors a day for the Angels Landing toilets? Who was in charge of that figure, I have seen more than 3 times that in slow years, especially in summer.
    Many do not have to go when they get to the shuttle stop, but after the long hike up often do. Especially if one starts early and just ate breakfast.
    Maybe in 2050 when the parks install tramways to the places that are now limited to those who can walk, then it will be easier to make it up and down before using the toilet!?

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