Utah Offers Rescue Coverage for Backcountry Explorers

Canyoneering Safety and Rescue in Utah

When outdoorsmen and women venture into the wilderness, they do so with the intention of making it back home safely once their journey concludes. Unfortunately, that is not always how things play out.

During an outdoor expedition, there are many unforeseen dangers that can pose a serious threat to those who encounter them. Falling rocks, high waters, or accidental falls can lead to outdoor adventurers needing assistance to get out of the wilderness due to being stuck, lost, or suffering an injury.

In those unfortunate cases, it is a great idea to have some backup resources to cover the cost of rescue efforts. This card, known as a Utah Search and Rescue Assistance Card, can be used to thwart off the high costs associated with search and rescue missions resulting from accidental injury, getting lost, and other wilderness mishaps. In fact, unless the incident was a result of clear negligence, USARA helps to cover it.

Peace of Mind
This opportunity can give backcountry sportsmen peace of mind in more ways than one. The biggest sigh of relief it provides is the fact that they don’t have to wait out a situation for fear of having to pay a hefty bill. In a serious wilderness situation, minutes can mean the difference between life and death.

If someone is lost, injured, or both, but are afraid of getting themselves into insurmountable debt if they call for rescue, they may get themselves into an even more dangerous situation while deciding whether to make the call. By knowing the cost of rescue will be either non-existent or very minimal, adventurers in sticky situations will be able to call for rescue without worry.

Another way it will give outdoorsmen and women peace of mind is that there will be a safety net of sorts when trying new things. Many people shy away from exercising skills that they have been practicing in an actual outdoor situation. This means that many people who like to explore the outdoors will never reach their full potential out of fear of the unknown.

While this doesn’t mean that inexperienced people should head out onto challenging obstacles without fear, it does mean that experienced hikers, climbers, and others can feel more comfortable when trying something they are already confident doing.

The Expense of a Rescue
Those who have never thought about a situation in which they may need to be rescued have probably never thought of the costs associated with rescue. These costs vary greatly depending on the type, location, and severity of the rescue. However, the cost can range from a few thousand dollars up to $100,000 and more depending on the number of days and resources used to search and rescue. The last thing anyone would want after the scariest moment of their life is to feel the horrible pressure associated with debt.

This is completely avoidable by purchasing a Utah Search and Rescue Assistance Card. Even those who don’t find themselves out in the wilderness frequently, but do dabble in the outdoors, should be sure to have this card for those unthinkable moments. It is an extremely inexpensive, easy, and reliable way to at least minimize the costs associated with search and rescue.

Utah Search and Rescue Assistance Card Pricing
Considering how much money USARA can save, it is priced incredibly low. There are two different ways to purchase the two plans available, which are the individual and family plan. These can be purchased online and go in effect once payment is processed. They are a great way for outdoor enthusiasts to protect themselves or their whole family.

Individual plans cost $25 per year. Individuals can save some money by committing to the five-year package. This covers individuals for five years for just $100. That will save them $25 over the five-year period. This plan is great for adventurers who go out in small, non-familial groups.

There are also family plans available through USARA. These plans are $35 per year and cover the incident of a whole family needing to be rescued. For $140, a five-year plan can be purchased which will save the family $35 over the course of five years. The whole family does not have to be present for the family USARA family plan to be used.

For those who have a hunting or fishing license with the state of Utah, a 10% discount can be applied to the purchase of either the individual or family plan. This means that, for individuals, prices can be as low as $18 per year and, for families, as low as $26 per year. That is an incredible value for a very useful service.

The Fine Print
It is important to note that the purchase of a USARA card does not give purchasers insurance. It is merely a way to help defray the potential cost of a search and rescue mission on the cardholder’s behalf.

Search and rescue teams will weigh the risks with any search and rescue mission, so being a card holder does not guarantee rescue in any way. Search and rescue teams will, for all situations, try everything within their power to safely rescue any lost or injured person, regardless of card holder status. What USARA is for is to help with the cost after the fact, not give one outdoorsperson preference over others.

The Safe Way to Explore
Having this extra peace of mind while out in the wilderness will help adventurers to feel more at ease and free while enjoying the great outdoors. The cost of this card also goes toward helping to fund search and rescue missions and training, meaning the team will be more effective for everyone. For less than the cost of a dinner out, anyone can purchase a USARA Card and be covered for an entire year if an outdoor emergency occurs. Those looking to safeguard themselves from becoming a casualty of the wilderness should look no further than a Utah Search and Rescue Assistance Card.

For more information visit the USARA’s website.

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