Pets and National Parks — What are the Regulations

What to know about pets in Zion National Park

For many people across the country, pets are an important part of the family. Pets help to give comfort, provide security, and make adventures more exciting. It’s no wonder visitors to Zion National Park want to bring their pets along with them.
While bringing a dog or other pet along on a journey to Zion may seem fun, it puts a lot of restrictions on what guests can do during their stay. Generally, pets are better left with a trusted caregiver at home, but for those who wouldn’t dream of leaving a pet behind, there are ways to include furry family members on a trip to Zion National Park.

Pets on Pa’rus

There is one area in which pets are allowed to enjoy the park. If pets are properly leashed and cleaned up after, they can enjoy a stroll along Pa’rus Trail.

This paved trail is three and a half miles long for a round trip and provides a beautiful view of the entire park. Visitors can see the Virgin River, cross bridges, and enjoy the beautiful plant and animal life on a paved trail with man’s best friend at their side.
While this is the only trail that pets are allowed on throughout the park, it does provide a terrific walking experience and guests won’t feel as though they have missed out on anything because of their pet. While traveling Pa’rus Trail, and at all other times, it is important to also follow the park rules for having pets.

Rules for pets in Zion

There are many rules in place for visitors who bring along dogs or other pets. These rules are not meant to be an aggravation, but rather to ensure the safety of visitors, pets, the park, and wildlife. When all rules are followed regarding pets, everyone can have a fun and enjoyable time.

Stay in designated areas

The areas that pets are allowed through Zion on very limited. In addition to Pa’rus Trail, pets are permitted on campgrounds, public roads, parking areas, picnic areas, and on the grounds of Zion Lodge. Pets must be well-behaved, restrained, and follow all other rules while in these areas.

Restrain pets at all times

Even small pets that can be carried must be restrained in some way while on park grounds. This will require a leash, no longer than six feet, or a crate. This rule ensures the safety of pets and wildlife.

Clean up after pets

All solid waste must be removed and disposed of as quickly and efficiently as possible. Pet waste is dangerous to wildlife because it transmits deadly diseases. Failing to clean up after pets can result in serious fines.

Limit barking

While in Zion, dogs may see many things that interest them which, in some cases, may cause them to bark. This can be disruptive to other guests and wildlife, so it’s important to keep barking to a minimum.

No public transportation

The only animals permitted on shuttles and other public transportation are service animals. This means that dog owners must have their own means of transportation to and from the park and other areas in Zion.

Don’t leave pets in cars

The act of leaving a pet in a car can be deadly. No matter what the weather feels like outside, the temperature inside a car can become unbearable. Under no circumstances should a pet be left alone in a vehicle at any time.

Well behaved dogs can be left on campgrounds unattended if the weather is favorable, they have access to food, water, and shelter, and they are restrained.

Discover Zion with a four-legged friend

Zion National Park is an incredible place to explore. The beauty of the park and surrounding areas is truly breathtaking. Pet lovers can enjoy this beauty without feeling guilty for leaving their pet behind. Whether just passing through or staying a while, visitors and their pets can make countless memories together in Zion National Park.

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