Nearest Airport Closing for 4 Months

Nearest airport to Zion National Park, the St. George Regional Airport closing.

The Closest Airport to Zion National Park

Coming to Zion by sky? The nearest airport to Zion National Park, the St. George Regional Airport, is a wonderful facility and it’s a great, fast way to arrive at this outdoor mecca. If you are planning to visit Zion soon – here’s what you need to know:

When is the St. George Airport closing?

Come May 29th 2019, the airport will be officially closing for repairs. This means flights to and from Phoenix, Salt Lake City, Denver and Los Angeles will all be temporarily unavailable. The good news is that the airport will remain open through Memorial Day weekend – a great time to visit Zion National Park!


How long will the St. George Airport be closed?

The closure will span from May 29th 2019 to September 26th 2019, totaling around 4 months. Unfortunately, these are typically peak months for Park visitation.

While flying to Zion National Park is a great option, it’s not the only option for getting to Southern Utah. The St. George Shuttle is another great option – going to and from Las Vegas, NV or Salt Lake City, UT.

Flying to Zion National Park

Visitors to the Park usually come by way of shuttle or charter bus from either McCarran International Airport, Los Angeles International Airport or Salt Lake City International Airport. Next time you make travel plans to Zion National Park – consider flying to the St. George Regional Airport. Skip dealing with crowds and the headache of large airports and fly directly to St. George. Once you get to St. George, Zion is only 45 minutes away.

Remember! Zion isn’t the only thing to do in Southern Utah – there are LOTS of things to do and see here!


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