Menu Falls – The Most Relaxing Waterfall in Zion Canyon

Menu Falls Zion National Park

Menu Falls is a beautiful waterfall and alcove that is slightly hidden along the picturesque Zion Canyon road. It is located approximately half a mile north of the Big Bend and can be reached by taking the 8th shuttle stop in the Zion Canyon. To reach Menu Falls, takes some effort as there is no official shuttle stop for this section. You need to get down at the 8th shuttle stop and walk back along the river. The walk will be rewarding as you relax while hearing the sounds of sparkling water.

Menu Falls is a short trail, with a beautiful wooden deck which was constructed for visitors to help them get a clear view of the beautiful waterfall from this spot. The waterfalls are small, but the surroundings are quite relaxing. It is said that this is a main spot for traditional ceremonies including people exchanging vows at Menu Falls, as well as people getting married under the cottonwood tree located in front of the Zion Lodge. Don’t forget to get your special permit if you are planning a wedding in Zion National Park.

Once you’ve relaxed at the falls, continue the easy hike up to the main canyon along the Virgin River. Continue on the trail another half mile until you reach the last shuttle stop, the Temple of Sinawava. From here you can take the trail to the Riverside Walk, as you enjoy the evening hike.

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