Five Ways to Celebrate National Park Week

Secret Hikes in Zion - Pine Cree Waterfall

Throughout the year, the National Park Service hosts a series of days where the admission fee for parks is waived. These days are a great opportunity for budget-conscience travelers to explore the nation’s National Parks. The next free park days will take place during National Park Week.

This year, National Park Week is from April 15th to April 22nd. For both weekends during National Park Week, guests will be able to enter over 400 National Parks and many other monuments and parks free of charge. So, for two Saturdays and Sundays, those who have been hoping to see their local National Park or travel to one of their choices can do so for free.

The fun doesn’t have to end with seeing a National Park. There are many special activities and events taking place in honor of National Park Week and the holidays that occur during the week. This means that guests can enjoy a lot of exciting experiences for free. The following are five great ways to celebrate National Park Week and the free admission days during the National Park Week Weekends.

Special events and activities

At many of the National Parks, special events and activities will take place during National Park Week. Visitors can try new things like pottery or yoga, or brush up on photography and outdoors skills. Most of these special events are free to visitors during the free admission days, as well. This means that frugal guests can have a wide range of experiences at no cost. To find out what type of special events are being offered at participating parks, visit the National Park Service website or call the park directly.

Explore many parks

For those visiting Zion National Park, or any park in Utah, there are five amazing National Parks within driving distance to one another. For visitors who would like to see more than one park during a stay in the Utah area, there are many choices. There are many National, State, and Local parks and forests waiting to be explored.

Junior Ranger Day

Youngsters don’t have to miss out on the fun. In fact, there is a whole day dedicated to young park enthusiasts. On Junior Ranger Day, kids of all ages can participate in various activities throughout the parks and earn a Junior Ranger badge. On April 15th, parks across the country welcome kids to learn about, explore, and see the importance of National Parks. This is a great way to get future generations excited about the beauty of nature.

Park Prescription Day

In a world where more and more people are medicated in one way or another, there is a movement forming to get people out into nature to get happy, healthy, and heal their ailments. On the second annual Park Prescription Day, which is being held on April 23rd, people of all ages are encouraged to get to their nearest park or local outdoor area and reap the benefits of fresh air and open spaces. At nineteen National Parks, there will be special activities held in honor of Park Prescription Day. Visitors can leave the parks feeling healthier and rejuvenated by reconnecting with Mother Nature.

>Earth Day

Earth Day is an often-overlooked holiday, but not by the National Park Service. Earth Day is a big deal for the National Parks. It is a day to celebrate nature’s beauty and enjoy the great outdoors. Earth Day brings awareness to the importance of the environment and the nation’s parks, as well. On Earth Day, which is the last day of National Park Week, April 22nd, visitors can enjoy a variety of special activities and events held throughout the National Parks. Earth Day is the perfect way to end a week meant to celebrate National Parks.

Enjoy National Park Week

Zion National Park and all other National Parks throughout the U.S. rely on visitors to stay operational. National Park Week is a great way that the National Park Service brings awareness to the importance of National Parks. Many people have never been to a National Park, but with events like free park days, that will hopefully change. There are so many great reasons to get out and explore the wild beauty of America’s National Parks, and on these free weekends during National Park Week, there is no good reason not to go.

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