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The Bumbleberry Theater is a fantastic theater which is a part of the Bumbleberry Inn. The warm, inviting atmosphere makes it a terrific place to spend an evening. The stage hosts a number of different performances and events throughout the year, most suitable for the whole family.
Spending an evening out at the Bumbleberry Theater is a terrific way to experience the lesser-known areas of Springdale while having an incredible time with friends and family. Throughout the 2017 season, there will be several different performances and events hosted by Bumbleberry Theater. More information on these events can be found on the Bumbleberry Inn website.

Joshua Creek Performs at Bumbleberry Inn
Joshua Creek is a popular band that has been performing for twelve years. These musicians all have incredible talent, and when they come together, they make music that everyone will love. On July 1st, those who visit the Bumbleberry Theater will have the incredible opportunity to see Joshua Creek perform live.
Joshua Creek is a band whose music can be best described as Americana Country Storytelling. Each one of their songs draws listeners in and makes them feel as though they are a part of the lyrics. Their songs are all incredibly relatable and will have the audience laughing and crying before the show is over.
The lyrics and style of Joshua Creek are perfect for the whole family to enjoy. It is a rare occurrence that an entire family can enjoy a concert together. The safe and comfortable atmosphere of the Bumbleberry Theater adds to the family friendly environment that Joshua Creek already provides. Anyone not at the Bumbleberry Theater on July 1st will surely regret missing such an incredible, unforgettable concert.

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Additional Entertainment at the Bumbleberry Theater

Red Rock 222 at Bumbleberry Inn
Besides the exciting concerts and events, the Bumbleberry Theater has a resident acting company known as Red Rock 222. Each year, these skilled actors and actresses fill the stage with their presence. Throughout the 2017 season, Red Rock 222 will be putting on a variety of great performances.
Almost all the shows put on by Red Rock 222 are family friendly. They provide a great experience for all audience members, engrossing the crowd with the exciting roles they play. For the 2017 season, the Red Rock 222 acting company is treating audience members to three different amazing shows. Each one is sure to be all guests can talk about for weeks after the show.

Exciting Performances
Each year, the performances put on at the Bumbleberry Theater by Red Rock 222 are different. For the 2017 season, they will be treating audience members to productions of Alice in Wonderland: The Musical, The Foreigner, and [Insert Title Here] Improv Comedy Show. Each show has something different to offer guests and is sure to be the highlight of time spent in Springdale.

Alice in Wonderland: The Musical
Red Rock 222 brings this endearing children’s classic to life right on the stage of the Bumbleberry Theater. Watch as the actors transform themselves into Alice, The Cheshire Cat, The Mad Hatter, and more as they journey through Wonderland. This exciting, magical show will have the whole family on the edge of their seats.

The Foreigner
The Foreigner is a fun-for=the-whole-family show about a man who pretends not to speak English so that he will be left alone. When the family he lives with tries to teach him English, things take a hilarious turn. This side-splitting comedy will have the whole audience laughing hysterically throughout the entire show.

[Insert Title Here] Improv Comedy Show
This hilarious show is perfect for the more mature audience. Rated PG-13, this improv show is as unpredictable as it is hilarious. The audience will shout out the topics and scenes they would like acted out and the skilled actors will act them out in the most hilarious way possible. Playing every night, this show is one that can be seen multiple times without ever seeing the same show.

Enjoy the Show
To purchase tickets to the theater shows, visit the Bumbleberry Inn website and check out the calendar of shows. From here, tickets can be purchased for shows throughout the 2017 season.
For tickets to the Joshua Creek show on July 1st, visit the Joshua Creek website and follow the links to purchase tickets.
The Bumbleberry Theater, with its huge variety of performances and events, is the perfect place to spend an evening on a date or with the whole family. Whether heading to one of the Red Rock 222 shows or visiting for a concert, like the Joshua Creek concert, the theater at Bumbleberry Inn will provide everyone with an incredible experience.

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