Comment Period on Peak-Season Entrance Fee Now Open

Transportation shuttle in Zion National Park

At 17 national parks across the country, the price of admission may increase drastically soon. There are many issues that have led to this proposal being made, including a substantial deficit in park budgets. While the price increase would affect less than twenty parks, most of which are in the west, it is a big enough change to have a … Read More

A Joshua Creek Christmas and Michael Ewing Come to Springdale

Joshua Creek Concert near Zion

Springdale is a town that is well known for its impressive array of live entertainment. Throughout the year, the stages in Springdale host acting troupes, comedians, musicians, and more. No matter what time of year it is, an exciting performance can always be enjoyed. While the entire year is filled with terrific talent, December is an especially exciting month for … Read More

Hour & Program changes begin at Zion

Zion National Park autumn fall

The hours of operation and program schedules for certain activities and locations within Zion National Park are beginning to switch. As of September 5, 2017, Fall/Winter changes and closures have been put into effect. The following are currently in effect: Shuttle Services within Zion National Park will run the same until late November. Shuttle services run from 6 a.m. to … Read More

Recognizing and Preventing Heat Stroke while Hiking

Recognizing and Preventing Heat Stroke Signs

When using the word heat stroke, many people think that it is interchangeable with heat exhaustion. The truth is, heat stroke happens once heat exhaustion has already been reached and untreated for some time. Both conditions are quite serious and steps should be taken to prevent the risk of heat stroke and heat exhaustion. Since heat exhaustion leads to heat … Read More

Senior National Park Passes to increase in price eightfold

Senior Pass in Zion National Park price increase

For over twenty years, adults over the age of 62 have been able to purchase a lifetime pass to our nation’s national parks for the low price of $10. However, as of August 28th, the price of this lifetime pass will increase eightfold. Therefore, any senior who has been considering purchasing a lifetime pass should act fast. There are so … Read More

O.C. Tanner Amphitheater Summer Concert Series

O.C. Tanner Amphitheatre in Zion National Park

The O.C. Tanner Amphitheater is an impressive outdoor amphitheater that is a part of Dixie State University. Each year, they present a summer concert series full of incredible guests and shows. Each show offers concertgoers the chance to see a performance that will delight and excite. While the shows at the O.C. Tanner Amphitheater are lovely, another reason to visit … Read More

Utah Offers Rescue Coverage for Backcountry Explorers

Canyoneering Safety and Rescue in Utah

When outdoorsmen and women venture into the wilderness, they do so with the intention of making it back home safely once their journey concludes. Unfortunately, that is not always how things play out. During an outdoor expedition, there are many unforeseen dangers that can pose a serious threat to those who encounter them. Falling rocks, high waters, or accidental falls … Read More

BLM announces decision on Oil & Gas leases near Zion National Park

BLM announcement on oil & gas leases near Zion National Park

Those who were concerned about the prospect of oil and gas development sites just one and a half miles from Zion National Park can breathe a sigh of relief. At least, that is, for the time being. The plan to start oil and gas development in the area was proposed in December 2016 but has been deferred until further notice. … Read More

Zion National Park Fire Restrictions; What You Need to Know

Zion National Park Fire Restrictions

These restrictions affect all campgrounds and open areas in Zion, excluding Lava Point Campground. It is important to be aware of surroundings to be sure that there are no open flames in an area that can easily catch fire. Following these restrictions is the best way visitors can help preserve the beauty of Zion and the safety of guests. Failure … Read More