10 Must Do Activities at Zion National Park

Hiking the Narrows is a Must Do in Zion

Now that you are in the ever popular Zion National Park, you should enjoy everything that it has to offer. With its natural landscapes, you can go beyond just sightseeing. There are plenty of activities to try. Are you ready to have a once in a lifetime vacation experience? Here are the top ten activities that you should try while in Zion:

  1. Scenic Drive

Even if you do not want to venture off the road, you can still enjoy a scenic drive. Driving in the eastern and western gates of Zion National Park is a very scenic drive. The route will take you up to the main canyon where you can see amazing views. Go down to the park and turn right. Once you pass the tunnel, you will descend down into the canyon floor.

  1. Zion Tunnel

Coming from the east side of the gate, you will see 2 areas where you can park your vehicle. This is before you reach the Zion Tunnel. Just climb the stairs and head west and see for yourself that overlook part of the canyon. Compare to other trailheads, this gives you a top-down view without the need to sweat.

  1. Weeping Rock

Zion National Park provides a shuttle system for its tourists so you can access different points of interest. Among them is the Weeping Rock. Water seeps down from the plateaus and gets out in a rock alcove. The crystal clear water and natural formations will surely captivate your eyes. You can also see a waterfall during spring season or when there is a rain storm.

  1. Zion Narrows

Stretching across 16 miles long through the Virgin River, Zion Narrows is a must see. This is where you get to experience steep rocks. But what you will love about this place is that it offers breathtaking views and will surely give you a unique hiking experience like no other. You can begin from bottom to top. Some hikers prefer to start at the top then go down. If you are in search of an easier and a more accessible hike, the upper trail-head is the one to take and it is accessible via the Zion Ponderosa Ranch Resort.

  1. Narrows Trail

A long paved path found at the top of the canyon known as the Riverside Walk gives you a trail that will take you deep into the Narrows section of the Zion National Park. This is a must-try activity as you get to witness some beautiful landscape. Once you reach the end of the trail, you can walk in the river and reach the Narrows. Just make sure that you check the water levels at the visitor center just to be safe.

  1. Angels Landing

A widely famous tourist spot that offers dramatic and surreal hiking experience, you should not miss out on Angels Landing. Visitors can walk up to the mid-canyon and enter the narrow section of the upper canyon where you will see the trail known as the Walter’s Wiggles. After reaching this spot, you will have to go through a narrow fin. Both sides have a drop-off of about 1000 ft. Go up to the last section of the trail that will lead you to the top.

  1. Court of Patriarchs

The moment you enter the canyon, on your right you can already see magnificent views. From here, you can see a breathtaking point with a 100 yard walk to a viewpoint that will allow you to see the 3 huge formations known as the Court of the Patriarchs comprised of Jacob, Isaac and Abraham.

     8. Wildlife Viewing

With wildlife diversity, you get to see different animal species all year round. From birds like ravens, hawks, condors and eagles to deer and wild turkeys, Zion National Park is also a perfect spot for wildlife viewing. You can also see the Bighorn Sheep living in the upper eastern side of the park.

  1. Emerald Pools

Dubbed to be one of the most popular hiking spots, the water comes from the Virgin River and flows to 2 different pools brushing against the cliff. The trail can be quite strenuous so this perfect for those who are in search of a challenging hike. After a rain, you can also see waterfalls.

  1. Observation Point

If you want to see the main canyon from the highest view, you should try the Observation Point. Coming from Zion Ponderosa, you can just walk your way until you reach the Observation Point. You may also want to do a 4 mile hike starting from the bottom near the Weeping Rock.

Zion National Park is for all ages. Whether you are an outdoor enthusiast or more of a laid back traveler, you will get the most out of your travel experience when you get to the park. Apart from the natural beauty that will surely captivate your mind and ignite your imagination, Zion National Park is a perfect vacation getaway. The following list includes some of the best destinations. Depending on your preference, there are a lot of activities that you can try out with your family and friends. Have the best time of your life when you go out for your vacation at Zion.

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