Zion National Park Shuttle Map

Zion National Park Shuttle Map

Zion National Park Shuttle Map

Zion National Park offers a free shuttle service from Springdale to the Virgin River Narrows. The Zion National Park Shuttle Map was created for all Park visitors and is available for download. Public transportation in Zion National Park is important in protecting the environment and ensuring all visitors can safely travel throughout the Park and Springdale at no extra charge.

This map of public transportation in Zion includes shuttle stops on the Springdale Bus Line and the Zion Canyon Bus Line. Along with shuttle stops are popular hikes, amenities, and/or services included in this map.

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Zion Shuttle Service

The Zion Canyon shuttle bus  is meant to enhance and simplify the experience for visitors to the Park. Please be respectful and courteous of others when getting on, riding and getting off the shuttle. If sitting, please give up your seat for elderly visitors, pregnant women and small children. A few rules are:

  • There is no eating or smoking allowed on the bus.
  • Beverages other than water are not allowed on the bus.
  • No pets allowed on the bus.

Zion Canyon Shuttle Bus Stops (see the map above).

  • 1: Visitors Center – South Campground, Watchman Trail, Zion Visitor Center, Pa’rus Trail
  • 2: Museum – Zion Human History Museum, Pa’rus Trail
  • 3: Canyon Junction – Pa’rus trail
  • 4: Court of the Patriarchs – Sand Bench Trail, Court of the Patriarchs viewpoint
  • 5: Zion Lodge – Zion National Park Lodge, Emerald Pools Trails, Red Rock Grill, Caste Dome Cafe
  • 6: The Grotto – Grotto Picnic Area, Grotto Trail, Angels Landing Trailhead, Kayenta Trail
  • 7: Weeping Rock – Weeping Rock Trail, Observation Point Trail, Hidden Canyon Trail, Echo Canyon
  • 8: Big Bend – Big Bend viewpoint, Virgin River Trail
  • 9: Temple of Sinawava – Temple of Sinawava, Riverside Walk, The Virgin River Narrows

Springdale Shuttle Bus Stops (see the map above).

The Springdale Shuttle Line runs from the bottom of Springdale, Utah to Zion’s South Entrance (approximately 3 miles). The Springdale Shuttle stops every quarter to half mile along Zion Park Blvd. Springdale offers hotel accommodations, dining, shopping, art galleries, gear rental & more.

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Using the Zion National Park Shuttle Map

There are 9 Stops on Zion’s Shuttle Service (18 including the Springdale Line). Generally, the bus comes every 10-15 minutes, but schedules vary by time of day and the season and can change each year. Be sure to plan ahead; which stops to take and how much time to plan for. Remember, when the last shuttle leaves the canyon you’ll be left to walk out – so plan ahead!

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Frequently Asked Questions about Zion’s Shuttle Service

  • Is the Zion Shuttle free? – Yes, the Zion Canyon Shuttle is free. Likewise, the Springdale Shuttle is free as well.
  • How long is the shuttle ride in Zion? – From the Visitor Center (1st Stop) to the Temple of Sinawava (9th Stop); the shuttle runs approximately 7.7 miles one way and takes about 45 minutes one way.
  • Where does the Zion Shuttle start? – The Zion Canyon Shuttle starts at the Visitor Center (1st Stop) near the Park’s South Entrance.
  • How often does the Zion Shuttle run? – The Zion Canyon Shuttle schedule is subject to change every year, however, the typical wait times at any stop along the Zion Canyon Shuttle is about every 10-15 minutes.
  • Can I drive my car through Zion National Park? – Yes, however, you can only drive through part of the Park through most of the year. Public access ends at the Canyon Junction and visitors must either take the shuttle up the canyon or go on foot, bike, or horseback.