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Travelers, outdoor adventure lovers, and just about everyone is looking for the most exciting trip and make the most out of a planned vacation. Zion Jeep Tours is a company that has a solid reputation for offering a unique range of tour services. Our goal is to allow tourists and thrill seekers to have an exceptional experience on their next vacation to Zion National Park and the Southern Utah area. Since 2003, we have been taking tourists to places that most people only get to see on TV or in pictures.

We have taken hundreds of tourists and visitors from all over the world and provided them with the most unforgettable experiences that they will continue to talk about with friends for years to come. Our office is based in Springdale which is adjacent to Zion National Park. This allows us to provide packages that provide a unique experience for every traveler. We customize packages based on the customer’s needs and focus on providing a complete and highly-professional service during the entire trip.

Go on a tour where visitors can take in the scenery with the help of a professional guide. Our guides are hardcore nature enthusiasts and enjoy the outdoors. They also provide interesting information on wildlife, plant life, geology, and human history to help visitors learn more about the beauty that surrounds Zion National Park.

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Here are five once-in-a-lifetime tours we offer:

Outback Safari

Get ready to enter the scenic back country of Zion National Park with a 2-hour morning tour of Grafton and Gooseberry Mesa. We know that most visitors do not like big crowds and packing into cramped buses. This is why we provide an exciting Safari 4x4 vehicle which gets visitors directly to the Grafton ghost town site which is a famous attraction. Once there, our guides will provide a historical overview of this location which explains the struggle settlers experienced when they first arrived in Southern Utah.

From Grafton, the tour continues by climbing up to the historic Gooseberry Mesa trail. Visitors get a chance to take selfies and group photos while enjoying panoramic views, rainbow-colored rock formations, and watching wildlife in their natural habitats. This tour leaves at 9:45 AM and runs from March through October.

Mesa Vista Safari

This is an afternoon trip for 3 hours which takes visitors on a tour of Smith Mesa and Kolob Terrace. Make sure to bring a camera because this is one of the most scenic and popular tour climbs we offer. Sit back as we head to the high back country of Zion National Park.

Guests traverse into Hurricane Mesa or Smith Mesa and get a chance to view a stunning array of colors and panoramic scenery along Zion’s vast stretch of colored rock. There is also a stop at the mesa’s edge and when looking east, visitors will see 2500 foot cliffs that showcase an amazing sunset that blends a stunning array of colors in purples, oranges, and pinks.

During this trip, guests can ask the driver to stop at any time to take photos. They also make sure to stop at all of the popular photo-op spots so that tour participants can take a few photos to cherish the memory. These stops also include catching several images of the wildlife as well as a chance to view Native American wall paintings.

Grand Canyon Private

The Grand Canyon gets more than 5 million visitors a year and only a few people get to experience our service: an experience to see one of the world’s greatest wonders without the typical crowds and distractions. Our package members are not standing around on sidewalks and hanging around gift shops. Instead, you get straight into the action and experience raw mother nature by visiting one of the most remote and most beautiful locations in the United States.

Known as the Arizona Strip, this is a section of the Grand Canyon called “Tuweep”. It is a rugged and remote region of Arizona that sits on the border of Southern Utah. We take you straight to the highlight of the trip which is a 3000-foot precipice to the Colorado River. This is probably one of the most talked about trips as visitors experience views that are absolutely amazing. This trip takes 8-9 hours and accommodates groups of up to 4 people.

Private Jeep Tour

Experience a rugged off-road adventure in one of our jeeps then take to the skies for a getaway on one of our helicopter tours. Create lifelong memories that can all be included in a one-day package. We provide doorstep pickup and delivery to areas like the Zion Outback, Grafton ghost town, and many other areas that provide extraordinary views of Zion National Park and the surrounding areas.

Your helicopter will take you on a 360 air tour that will allow you to create a lifetime of memories through the experience. There will be plenty of chances to take some amazing photos as package members take to the sky while riding in one of the most comfortable air tours possible.

Jeep/Helicopter Combo

We can provide a customized package that can accommodate up to 7 people to explore the Mesa Vista or Outback sections of Zion. We can even provide a schedule that will combine both sections. Visitors also have the option to explore a variety of other backroads in areas surrounding Springdale and Zion National Park.

We depart from the front entrance of the Majestic View Lodge which is next to our Springdale office. This allows us to provide tour times that are very convenient for visitors. We also provide free parking at our Springdale office for all jeep tours.
There are other park options such as riding a bike or taking public transportation to get to areas of the park.

Although these options are good to prevent traffic congestion and erosion of the park, our private jeep tour solution is the most convenient and personalized. It really helps to avoid the crowds during the peak season and the ride is smooth and comfortable.

In addition, the guides are what make our 3-hour jeep tours a 5-star experience because they provide storytelling and create a few laughs. During every jeep tour trip, they will offer in-depth knowledge on the sites, plant and animal life, geology, and more.

Fantastic Tours, Amazing Views

Zion Jeep Tours is a company visitors to Zion National Park can rely on to enjoy a hassle-free vacation to provide an excellent, customized service and take visitors to the most exciting and amazing attractions. Our tours are designed to provide a fantastic, unforgettable experience that most people only get to dream about.

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