Taylor Creek Trail

Bring Along:

  • Camera

  • Sun Protection

  • Trail Map

  • Water

Trail Description:

  • Light Hike

  • 3-5 Hours

  • 4.4 Miles Round Trip

  • 500 ft. Elevation Change

  • Year Round Access

Exploring Taylor Creek Trail

Taylor Creek Trail is a beautifully scenic trail that goes through the Kolob Canyon section of Zion National Park. This trail is one of the few official and popular trails in this area, with most of the popular trails in Zion being away from Kolob Canyon. The entire trail, round trip, is about five miles and will take most hikers around three hours to complete. Those miles are packed with many wonderful sights and adventures.
The things that set Taylor Creek Trail apart from many of the other trails in Zion National Park are its location, stunning views, fun challenges, and its ability to be hiked throughout the year. While Taylor Creek Trail may not be the most popular trail in Zion National Park, it’s hard to compete with Angel’s Landing, after all, it should be on every traveler’s hiking bucket list. A visit to Zion National Park will offer a nearly endless number of trails to explore, but visitors should be sure not to miss out on Taylor Creek Trail.

About Taylor Creek Trail

Also called the Middle Fork of Taylor Creek, this trail is full of scenic, natural beauty in a relatively easy hike. Taylor Creek Trail is what’s called an out and back trail, which means that rather than going in a loop, hikers will hike in and out the same way. This is great for a variety of reasons, but the best thing about an out and back trail is that hikers get to experience the same trail in a completely different way. They will see different features that they may have missed the first time and revisit their favorite places from the first hike.
A little over two miles past the Kolob Canyons, there is a well-marked parking area for those wishing to hike Taylor Creek Trail. The trailhead is easy to find, meaning that hikers can be on their way to adventure quickly.
Once the trailhead is found and hikers make their way into the trail, they will find themselves on The Middle Fork of the trail. The Middle Fork is one of the more popular trails in Kolob Canyon, so this portion of the hike may have a bit of traffic.
After the Middle Fork, hikers will be on a portion of the route called the North Fork. Along the North Fork of the trail, hikers will encounter a building from 1929 called Larsen Cabin. The cabin was built by Gustav Larsen, who owned the cabin until 1933. It is located to the left of the trail and is a can’t-miss site along Taylor Creek Trail. Once past the cabin, hikers will proceed between Tucupit Point to the north and Paria Point to the south.
Next, hikers will head in toward the Double Arch Alcove. This portion of the hike is just over a mile into the canyon and provides a breathtaking view. The weeping rock formation is the last big site of the trail before heading to the head of the canyon.
To round out the trip, hikers will make their way to the head of the canyon. The steep slope drops below beautiful plateaus and gives hikers a place to rest before making their way back along Taylor Creek Trail.

What to Expect While Hiking

While hiking the Taylor Creek Trail, there are many things that hikers should keep their eyes open to see. There are incredible views, exciting challenges, and a peaceful, natural tranquility along the trail. Taylor Creek Trail provides hikers with an incredible experience without being overly strenuous or long.

Stunning Views

All along Taylor Creek Trail, hikers will be treated to amazing views. Since the trail has a creek that runs along it, it is common to see some of Southern Utah’s unique wildlife during the hike. Everything from deer to frogs may be stumbled upon during this hike.
As the hike goes along, hikers will find themselves looking at two different cabins. These cabins, the Larsen Cabin and Fife Cabin were built and lived in during the early to mid-1900’s. They were built before Kolob Canyons became a part of Zion National Park, which adds to their unique and interesting history. Hikers can go inside of these old log structures and really feel the history of the area.
Along the more open parts of the hike, hikers can take in the beautiful red rock, gorgeous plant life, and look up at the gorgeous, never-ending sky. The amazing, stunning views along the entire hike of Taylor Creek Trail will make it an unforgettable journey for every hiker.

Exciting Challenges

While Taylor Creek Trail is considered an easy to moderate hike, it does present a few exciting challenges to hikers along the way. The most notable of these challenges is the many creek crossings that are required throughout the hike. Hikers will need to jump along the tops of the rocks, balance along narrow banks, and try their best to avoid falling into the creek. While the water is not high, it does provide a fun challenge.
Hikers who stay on the trail will not find many more challenges, but those who choose to go on will need to be able to bushwhack, scramble, and use their problem-solving skills to travel further on the forks. Hikers can find a moderately difficult but incredibly fun adventure along Taylor Creek Trail.

Natural Tranquility

Compared to the other trails in Zion National Park, Taylor Creek Trail receives a relatively low amount of traffic. During most days, especially weekdays, hikers can complete the entire trail without running into another person. This lack of tourism really helps hikers to feel more immersed in nature and discover the tranquility the Zion backcountry has to offer. Hikers can surround themselves with wildlife, red rock formations, the babbling creek, and the relaxing sounds of nature. The three hours spent hiking along Taylor Creek Trail are likely to be the most peaceful and relaxing hours of the whole trip to Zion.

Hiking Taylor Creek Trail Throughout the Year

The beauty of Taylor Creek Trail, like many trails in Zion, can be enjoyed throughout the entire year. Hikers should expect to encounter different challenges and see different views depending on the time of year they choose to explore Taylor Creek Trail.


As long as the trail is not covered by a recent snow, winter can be a nice time to hike Taylor Creek Trail. The cold temperatures, while off-putting to some, can provide a more comfortable hike if proper clothing is worn. The water that seeps from some rock formations, particularly Double Arch Alcove, may be frozen and give the landscape a glistening, magical appearance. Those who don't mind the cold will love a hike along Taylor Creek Trail in the winter.


Spring in Zion National Park brings forth warmer temperatures and new growth. Plant life begins to blossom during this time, giving hikers an unforgettable view of Zion’s native plants. Animal life begins to become more active during this time, as well. As hikers move along the creek, they are likely to see many species of birds, small animals, and even reptiles and amphibians. Spring also brings an increased chance of rain showers, so hikers should be aware of the forecast and only hike when it is safe to do so. To have an enjoyable hike in the spring at Zion, look no further than Taylor Creek Trail.


Summer is a more popular time in Zion. The warm temperatures and lovely weather bring many tourists to the area. A hike along Taylor Creek Trail in the summer may be a bit more crowded, but the hike is still well worth it. Since the trail has a creek that runs through, warmer temperatures make it less troublesome if hikers get wet along the way. Some may even want to stop and play in the creek as they hike. Plant and animal activity is at its highest during the summer, meaning bird watchers and animal lovers will find amazing creatures around every turn. All of these wonderful things about hiking Taylor Creek Trail in the summer do come with one drawback. The temperatures in Zion can reach over one-hundred degrees Fahrenheit during the summer, so those with heat sensitivities should either hike during another season or hike when the sun is coming up or going down. A summer hike along Taylor Creek Trail is a great way to make sure a trip to Zion is complete.


Arguably the nicest time of year in Zion, fall brings many people to the area. The changing leaves bring out the gorgeous red rock. The cool temperatures make staying outdoors for long periods quite enjoyable. Rain and other harsh weather conditions are less likely to affect a trip to Zion during the fall, as well. Since the trails have been traveled for a few seasons prior, the need for bushwhacking during a hike is reduced, too. Everyone can enjoy a comfortable hike along Taylor Creek Trail during a visit to Zion in the fall.