Pine Creek Waterfall

The Lower Pine Creek trailhead begins at High Country towards Route-9, around 1.5 miles on the Eastern part of Zion National Park. This canyon trail is a quick stroll that leads to beautiful, small shallow pools and a small waterfall. This section of Zion National Park is quite enchanting with outstanding hikes, and it offers complete excitement. Most of the hike are on a plain, flat, family friendly trail that takes you to little wading pools and boulder hopping to reach the small and beautiful waterfall. The pools are not deep enough for swimming, but you can find few deeper pools along the way. Be sure to check the depth of the pools before you dive in. Keep in mind that the bottoms of the pools can be irregular and rocky.

The Lower Pine Creek trail is the perfect example of off-trials available in Zion. The trail is very famous because of it’s amazing pools as well as it’s pleasant and easy access. Make sure to visit this section of Zion National Park and enjoy the lovely waterfalls.
Lower Pine Creek Waterfalls:

Drive on Route-9 and continue to the east Canyon Junction. Along the way you can take a look at Zion-Mount Carmel Tunnel and continue on the bridge beside the creek, as well as enjoy the walk from the shuttle stop. To reach the Lower Pine Creek, continue the drive half a mile on the shabby east trail. The trail gets a little rough with rock-sliding. The path ends at the elegant Low Pine Creek Waterfall. It’s a 10 foot waterfall with a waist to knee deep pool.

Pine Creek Pools:

To reach the Pine Creek Pools, once arriving at the parking area on the second switchback, continue on the east guard wall and follow the nice path towards the streambed. This route is a little steep, but it is not very difficult to climb. The area is surrounded with The Great Arch of Zion, large rocks that have made several small waterfalls, pools and alcoves. You can enjoy the swimming in the pools at the Pine Creek.

If you’re wanting a more adventurous and tough hike, then hike up to Pine Creek to the Great Arch, reaching the canyon. It takes less than a mile to reach “The Grotto”, an alcove, located at the end of the slot canyon path. You cannot go further into the slot as it is too far. To reach this part of the section, it involves steering around the large boulders, as well as some rock scrambling. Remember this part of the section is not as hiker friendly as the lower pine creek.

Important! When walking in this canyon, it is advisable to stay on the shabby or well-worn trails to avoid from stepping the beautiful plants. The NPS did clear the second switchback in 2005 from using multiple trails. If you see any signs saying “do not hike here”, follow the rule. Park rules are made for your safety. Please follow the rules and enjoy the safe hiking.

Lower Pine Creek is a wonderful section in Zion National Park, that allows you to venture and explore the beautiful creek. This section has everything that you want, with amazing waterfalls and pools to add an extra zest to your excitement.