Pa'rus Trail

Bring Along:

  • Camera

  • Sun Proctection

  • Trail Map

  • Water

Trail Description:

  • Very Easy

  • 1-2 hours

  • 3.5 Miles Round Trip

  • Year Round Access

Pa’Rus trail is an easier trail that is enjoyable for all age groups. This family-friendly trail is named after the ethnic term for “bubbling water”. Pa’rus trail is also famous because it is the only trail that allows the pet dogs and bikes. The trail begins north from the south campground and follows to the Virgin River to the southern Zion Canyon’s wide valley, ending at the Canyon Junction.
The surroundings are enclosed by tall towers, pleasant sceneries and lot of bridges going over the river. The entire area is covered with wildflowers. While hiking you may see mule deer along the way as well as other wildlife including coyotes, deer, foxes and sometimes mountain lions. These animals come to the river for water especially during the early hours of the day and the late evening.

  • Rating: It is rated as an easy and leisurely trail. This section in the ZNP permits pets, bikes and is wheelchair accessible.
  • Access Point: The trail begins at the Zion Visitors center at the south campground, with additional entry sites near the Canyon Junction and Zion Museum. You can catch the Zion Canyon Shuttle at 1st, 2nd and 3rd stop in the main canyon.
  • Time to complete the trail: You can complete the trail between one to two hours.
  • Elevation Change: The elevation doesn’t change as drastically as the trail is mostly leveled and paved.
  • Ideal Hiking Seasons: Hikers are welcomed to visit year-round, but the spring and fall are the most enjoyable times to visit. Remember that summers can be extremely hot during the days.

To reach the Pa’rus trail, go to the Visitors Center, head north and take the bridge over the Virgin River, continuing towards the south Campgrounds, where the trail begins.

The flat, smooth trail leads north through the Virgin River bank. You’ll reach the more isolated section of the trail in no time. Several routes allows you to reach the river below, but be sure to not break any Zion National Park rules. If the sign says “ Do Not Hike Here”, please follow the rule for your safety.

Just a mile into the hike, you’ll reach the dirt part of the trail; here the wheelchair access is not available. The trail eventually leads to the Zion Museum. Once you reach the northern section, you can enjoy the scenery. This trail can be an adventure with the zigzag way which takes you to the river.

The entire trial is enclosed with beautiful wildflowers, as well as some mule deer along the route. Be sure to observe some of the notes that explain the history and landmarks along the hike. You may observe a note on the way that talks about the damn that was once used to provide water to the town of Springdale.

At the northern end of the hike, the route connects to the Route-9 at the end of the Canyon Junction bus stop. If you are interested in taking pictures, it is best to take photos at the Canyon Junction bridge, a very popular spot excellent for capturing the magnificent sunset. This area tends to be very crowded, so watch out for the traffic and don’t take pictures standing in the middle of the road.

Many people seem to think that the scenery is not as eye-catching like some of the other magnificent areas of Zion National Park. Regardless, the Pa’rus route is perfect for families and it is a pleasant area to stroll around leisurely when looking for an easy hiking. Remember, do not hike during the mid-afternoon on hot summer days. In the evening if you are taking the shuttle back to the Visitor Center, remember to get off at the Canyon Junction stop to walk to the center. You are sure to enjoy the walk with a pleasant breeze and outstanding surroundings. Get more information before you start planning to visit the Zion National Park.