Kolob Terrace

Kolob Terrace is a remote section of Zion, but is accessible through the Kolob Terrace Road. The road leads to the middle part of the park from South Virgin to Lava Point. This section offers beautiful, breathtaking, scenic views and it is a less visited portion of the park. There are many trailheads that connect to Zion National Park’s backcountry from this section of the park. The Kolob Terrace is popular due to its Left Fork of North Creek section, also known as “The Subways”. Each hiker should follow the park rules and regulations when hiking in any section of the park, particularly this section.
Note: Visitors must know that the upper parts of the Kolob Terrace Road are not accessible during the winter; therefore this section of the Zion Park is normally closed during the winter season.

Kolob Terrace has a unique approach with it’s distinctive feel, mysterious character, and untamed features making sure all the visitors enjoy its exclusiveness.

The West Rim Trail

This moderately tough backpacking/hiking route, is one of Zion’s classic backcountry trails. This 16 mile long trail takes you to the upper west plateau which leads you to Lava Point. The West Rim Trail is considered as the highest point in Zion National Park. Many visitors are aware of the lower parts of the West Rim which take you to Angels Landing, but if you continue hiking beyond this part of the trail, you will be awarded with breathtaking scenic view as you enjoy every bit of its beautiful picturesque views. Don’t forget to capture the beauty on your camera as you travel from the Plateaus to these majestic views.

Northgate Peaks

Rated as an easy hike, the Northgate Peaks is a short trail that can be enjoyed by the entire family. This section is considered as a viewpoint for the Kolob Terrace. This overlooked trail is a recent addition to Zion Canyon. The section is isolated from main canyon; giving you more time for yourself. The view at the end of the trial may not be as rewarding, but it gives the most exciting and fascinating peek at Great West Canyon.

The Subway Top-Down Trail

This semi-technical canyoneering route, is a long and tiring trail that begins at the WildCat Canyon trailhead and goes through Russell Gulch with the route leading further into the North Creek’s Left Fork. It is a very long strenuous day hike that involves many short rappels, several cold swims and a few down climbs. Overall it’s an amazing hike that is worth pursuing.

Note: You might need to get a Backcountry Permit for this hike.
The Subway, a Non-Technical Hike from the Bottom, is rated as a tough but classic Zion day hike. If you are not interested in taking the tough route, you can avoid rappelling and swimming on the subway top-down route by taking the North Creek’s Left Fork from the bottom. From the Left Fork hiking for about 3 miles, you can reach the Subways. Though the hike is non-technical it is still a tiring hike with the scenic view not as rewarding along the way.

Note: You may require a Backcountry Permit to enter the trail.

Das Boot:

The Left Fork Section is rated as a tough technical canyoneering trial. It is named as Das Boot because it is just a half-mile section of the upstream Left Fork from the Top-Down route. This part of the Left Fork is mostly subterranean and contains several rappels, swims and down-climbs. Hikers must be aware of the cold waters that are not suitable because of its exposure to year round cold weather. Don’t forget to take your wetsuits even on hot summer days.
Note: You may require a Backcountry Permit to enter this section.

Wildcat Canyon

Rated as a fairly tough backpacking or hiking route, The wildcat Canyon is a 6 mile trail that connects to the Wildcat Canyon trailhead with the West Rim Trail and it is also part of the Trans-Zion Hike. This trial permits hikers to hike from the famous Kolob trail down to the main Zion Canyon. The trail is also the beginning point to reach some of the more popular trails in Zion National Park including North Creeks Left Fork, Northgate Peaks Trail and the Right Fork. It may not be the best of hikes, but it offers some amazing views.

The Connector Trail

This moderately tough backpacking or hiking route, is a 4 mile trail, that joins the Hop Valley trailhead through the Wildcat Canyon Trailhead. Many hikers may have ignored this trail as it is one of the less crowded parts in Zion National Park. The simple name of the trial may explain it all, but this hike helps the hikers who are attempting the Trans-Zion hike in the park.

Hop Valley Trail

Rated as fairly tough backpacking/hiking route, The Hop Valley is a 6.5mile trail that connects the trailhead of the Hop Valley to the La Verkin Creek Trail in the Kolob Canyon section of the park. The trial may not offer the beautiful scenery found in others, but you can see lots of cattle grazing on the private land within the park. You may see several streams crossing the route.

Hoodoo City

This easy, family-friendly trail, is an unofficial trail of Zion National Park. The name was suggested due to its unique rock structures. Towards the east of the hop valley trailhead you’ll notice a gorgeous cliff formation of several hoodoos peeping down at the valley. The hike takes only 15 min to reach the hoodoo formations. It isn’t a target hike, but is a good hike for hikers who are looking for a little fun away from the routine. Enjoy the short hike as well as some interesting surroundings.

Grapevine Trail and Grapevine Spring

This family-friendly trail runs along the Kolob Terrace Road between the Right Fork Trailhead and Left Fork Trailhead. It is considered as an isolated trail. The trailhead offers easy access to the base of the Left Fork and is about 1.3 miles downstream from the Subway route. The Grapevine trial is a short and pleasant watering hole trail.

East and West Northgate Peaks

The Northgate Peaks Trail begins at the trailhead and ends at viewpoint, and offers amazing views of the surrounding peaks, particularly the splendid North Guardian Angel in the South and Northgate Peaks to the west and east. It is a half-day adventure for hikers who are familiar with slickrock scrambling hikes and for those who are not scared of heights.

South Guardian Angel

The South Guardian Angel is considered as one of the most compelling and distinct peaks in Zion National Park’s Kolob Terrace section. It is a comparatively remote section compared to other peaks in the region. It is located on a remote plateau between the Right Fork and North Creek which is also known as The Subway. The hikes at the trial can be strenuous as they involve sliding on the left fork and climbing on the other side against the isolated plateau. The trial offers excellent scenery. The difficulty and length of the hike accompanied with the challenging climbing obstacles makes this trail a unique and popular route for hikers.


Langston Canyon & Langston Mountain

The Langston Canyon is not clearly visible to the viewers as it is hidden behind a tall sandbar along the East Hop Valley. This difficult trail offers some isolated and beautiful scenery to the visitors. The hike towards the Langston Canyon to Langston Mountain is challenging and long, but is worth the venture for some of the breathtaking moments located along the way.

This semi-technical trail is found in the Kolob Terrace portion of North Creek. The Kolob Terrace is popular because it houses the most popular trails including the famous West Rim at Lava Point trail. The trial may be closed during winter months, which is from November to May. Be sure to get more information before hitting the trial. Enjoy and safe hiking!