Hidden Canyon Image

Hidden Canyon

Bring Along:

  • Camera

  • Sun Protection

  • Trail Map

  • Water

  • Hiking sticks

    Hiking Stick

Trail Description:

  • Strenuous

  • 3-6 Hours

  • 3 Miles Round Trip

  • 1000 Ft. Elevation Gain

  • Year Round Access

Hidden Canyon is a beautiful Hanging Canyon that is tucked in above the east main canyon of the GWT (Great White Throne).  It’s a surface canyon that sits between the north wall of the GWT and the Cable Mountain, with the beautiful Virgin River flowing between the canyons. This hidden canyon was formed by the streams of the Virgin River not being able to work conditionally, in which they then formed a higher canyon floor which is now known as Hidden Canyon.  It was called as ‘Great White Crack’ by climbers. The crack was first found in the year 1927, when the canyoneer William Evans tried to hike the Great White Throne. Hidden Canyon is considered as Zion’s most popular landmark. Evans fell during the climb, but, fortunately survived. Rescuers discovered this beautiful Hidden Canyon during their search for Evans.

The Hidden Canyon is a fairly strenuous day hike, and it’s elevation increases over 1,000 feet. You may find many exposed sections and lots of rock-sliding obstacles during your hike in Hidden Canyon.  It takes about 3 to 6 hours to complete the trail.

  • Rating: It is a moderately tough day hike with several uncovered sections and lots of rock-sliding obstructions.
  • Access Point: The hike begins at the Weeping Rock trailhead; take a shuttle at Zion’s Main Canyon to reach the trailhead.
  • Time Needed: It takes approximately 3 to 6 hours to complete the trail.
  • Length: Hidden Canyon is approximately 3 miles total round-trip.
  • Elevation: You will experience an elevation gain of 1,000 feet as you hike to the entrance of Hidden Canyon.
  • Ideal Hiking Seasons: Fall and Spring seasons are best for hiking, as the summer can be hot, and in winter the trail will be closed.

Detailed Description:

The Hidden Canyon trail begins at the Weeping Rock trailhead. Take the shuttle and get off at the Zion Canyon 7th stop for this trail along with, Observation Point, the East Rim trail till Cable Mountain. The East Entrance trailhead and Deertrap Mountain will start at the same trailhead. The trail follows a zigzag path up to the east side of the main canyon.  Don’t be in a hurry to climb, and be careful as you hike uphill. This trail can be somewhat strenuous, even for experienced hikers. Once you approach the Hidden Canyon Trail junction, then you can choose the less traveled trail.

The Hidden Canyon spur trail begins with a few sandy switchbacks  as it continues all the way to the crown of the Minor Saddle.  Remember, this is an unofficial short trail to get to the peak of the saddle; be very careful while hiking this part of the trail, as the section is uncovered. The trail then continues along the canyon walls, with the help of chains, and goes down into a cooler valley. The tall stone steps take us to the concluding part of the trail. You may notice a short uncovered ledge which was carved out of the sandstone walls.  This section is not considered difficult to hike to, but it is quite tiring and people with a fear of heights shouldn’t attempt it. Hikers should follow every rule while hiking. Be sure to use the chains along the canyon walls for your safety.

Once you reach the entrance of the Hidden Canyon, be very careful while crossing the streambed. This is the finish line of the official trail, but, you can continue the hike up for another mile or so to the canyon.  You will notice large, dark, and overgrown sections, moss covered walls, sandy-open sections, and tiny free-standing arch along the path. You may also encounter lots of rock-sliding obstacles along the way. You can have the most exciting climbing experience, but be sure to not push yourself too far if you feel uncomfortable with the venture.  Remember, it is not easy to get back down, as you may have to face several obstacles, so don’t rush yourself. Take it slow and know the right time to turn around and go back on the trail.  

Note:  Technical Climbers may have enjoyed climbing their way out of Hidden Canyon, but, the beginners and less experienced hikers should not attempt this difficult task.

Hidden Canyon is a favorite route in Zion National Park.  It is a must-do hike. You can go with you family and little kids as well, although the hike may not be suitable for children hiking, but you can be sure to enjoy watching the beautiful surroundings and sceneries.  

Warning:  Remember, it is a technical canyoneering trail that contains several 100 foot rappels and uncovered pavements towards the down climbs. Please do not attempt this trail if you are scared of heights and be sure to be prepared well with the required gear.  Gather all the required information before you plan your trip.  Also, remember to get a backcountry permit from the Visitor’s Center.