ATV Rides Near Zion

Going on an ATV excursion can be one of the most exciting things you do on your trip to Zion National Park. You can speed along the rough terrain to get your fill of thrills or take in the scenery by slowly tackling the natural obstacles.

There are a wide variety of trails and routes to choose from. While ATV tours are not done directly in Zion National Park, there are many places in the surrounding areas that offer tours. Some of these tours will even run along the perimeter of Zion.

It is important to follow all safety guidelines while participating in ATV rides near Zion. Make sure that everyone in your party meets the requirement for riding and you are supplied the proper gear. ATV rides near Zion National Park can be a fun and safe way to explore.

Types of ATV’s

All terrain vehicles are known for being able to tackle obstacles that most vehicles would not be able to. Their unique design means you can conquer many rock and land formations without getting yourself into a bad situation.
There are a few different types of ATVs that can be used for exploring through ATV rides near Zion. It is a good idea to research the different vehicles to decide which will work best for you. Consider your group members and the areas you would like to visit when choosing an ATV for your trip!

Quad or four-wheeler

These are the most common ATVs and are what most people think of when they picture an ATV. Popular among many groups of people, they have a quick learning curve and can be a blast to ride.
These vehicles have four wheels with knobby tires which are perfect for gripping a variety of surfaces. They are equipped with a heavy suspension to make your ride less bumpy and more comfortable. Most quads can seat 2 people so it is possible to bring along a passenger. The safe design and comfortable ride of quads make them a great way to explore near Zion.

Utility Task Vehicle (UTV)

UTVs, or Utility Task Vehicles, have been gaining popularity in recent years. Originally, these vehicles were used for performing tasks on farms or other large land lots. They are often called side-by-sides and range from vehicles that look like miniature trucks to ones that resemble dune buggies.
UTVs have come a long way from hauling horse feed. Most are equipped with comfortable bucket seats and five point harnesses for safety. The have knobby tires like a quad to give you great traction. UTVs feature a heavy roll bar to give you more protection than a quad. They are a terrific choice when riding in larger parties whether you want to take things slow or rip through the terrain.

Trike or three-wheeler

Less commonly used than quads or ATVs, three-wheelers, or trikes, are another option for exploring the landscape. Some rental companies carry trikes if they are the vehicle that you would prefer to use.
The reason trikes are used infrequently is their safety issues. Trikes are more likely to tip or be used improperly which can cause injury. If you are a skilled trike rider and enjoy the thrill, this option is a great one. However, if you prefer a leisurely ride along the terrain a quad or UTV should be considered.

Rules and regulations

As with any activity, it is very important to follow the specific rules and regulations for ATV rides near Zion. These rules should be explained to you by the ATV rental company and, often, you must sign a waiver stating that you understand the rules.
It is very important to stay off private land and protected areas. If you find yourself wandering into an area that you think you shouldn't be in, play it safe and turn back. There are many areas near Zion that have protected wildlife, vegetation, and land formations. If you were to destroy these features with an ATV it could be devastating to the ecosystem. Always stick to the marked routes.
Another regulation to be aware of is only adults 18-years-old and older can operate ATVs. By limiting their use to only adults the risk of serious injury from user error decreases greatly. Most rental companies will provide a tour guide to ensure you follow these rules and regulations while still having a great time.

When to ride

Summer, spring, and fall are the ideal seasons to go on ATV rides near Zion National Park. Although some rentals are available year-round, winter could prove to be quite miserable. Between the icy conditions and the biting cold, we recommend sticking with warmer months to get a great ATV experience.
In summer, though the temperature can soar, the breeze created as you speed along will be refreshing and keep you from feeling too hot. You’ll be less likely to get rained out during the summer as well. Remember to bring lots of water and check that no one in your party is feeling overheated.
ATV riding near Zion National Park in the spring allows for leisurely rides in comfortable temperatures. Since this is around the rainy season, you may get to splash along in some higher waters to add to the ATV experience. You are also more likely to ride alongside some of Zion’s most interesting wildlife and blooming flora.
Fall ATV rides are a beautiful and unique experience. As the seasons change, the landscape becomes even more stunning. As you ride to different vantage points you will have photography opportunities that many can only dream of. The temperature is comfortable and the overall weather conditions are generally favorable.

What you’ll need


Obviously, you will need a reliable vehicle to explore on. The best way to do this is to rent an ATV from one of many companies in the area. They will ensure that the equipment is up to the task and is mechanically sound.

Helmet, goggles, and gloves

Most rental companies will have these essential items available as well. The use of these articles is a matter of safety and they are not optional. By using this safety gear your ride can be fun and worry-free.

Appropriate clothing and footwear

Sweatpants just won't cut it. You will need to wear heavyweight pants, a shirt that covers you, and tough, fully enclosed shoes or boots. Rocks and debris may fly up during your ride. If you have on lightweight clothing the likelihood that you will be injured increases. Additionally, clothing should fit close to the body so that loose fabric doesn't get caught on the equipment or the obstacles you are riding on.

Food and water

Bringing along food and water is especially important during hot months and long rides. To keep hydrated you will want separate water for everyone in your party. Take care to fit in water breaks as you ride. A light snack will also come in handy during longer rides to ward off hunger and lightheadedness caused by overexertion.

Riding partner or group

The fun of ATV riding near Zion is best enjoyed in the company of good friends and family. While exploring on your own can be exciting, the true magic happens when you share the views and obstacles with others. Whether you bring along a small group or an entire convoy, we guarantee you’ll have a blast when surrounded by the ones you love.

Guided tours

When ATV riding near Zion, a guided tour is a great way to explore. These tour guides are familiar with the routes and areas and can give you the most out of your trip. Whether you want a fast-paced, adrenaline-pumping tour or a slower, scenic drive your tour guide will know how to deliver.
Your guide will take you to certain stops that are best for viewing the landscape and various rock formations. This allows you to get the best pictures and create the best memories possible.
If driving isn't your style, you can even go on tours where your guide is the driver. You’ll be able to ride along as a passenger, usually in a UTV, and take in all the sights without the worry of making a driving error. The different options of guided tours mean there is something for everyone to enjoy.

Get out and ride

Going on an ATV tour near Zion is an excellent adventure for so many reasons. Riding ATVs allows you to take in the scenery without extreme physical stress. You can choose to take an ATV tour to give yourself a break from the more strenuous activities available in Zion National Park. Enjoy as much time as you like exploring the Zion area on a vehicle that can handle anything the terrain has throws its way.