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Zion Helicopter Tours

Taking helicopter tours near Zion National Park is a life changing experience. It is incredible to see the landscape that you were just hiking over from the perspective of the birds. There is no other way to view the beautiful rock formations and rough terrain in such a magnificent way.
On a helicopter tour, you won’t miss a thing as you fly along. These aircraft provide you with a panoramic view of one of the most breathtaking areas in the US. There are many places to go, things to see, and areas to explore when partaking in helicopter tours near Zion. Once you’ve figured out the detail of your tour prepare yourself for the experience of a lifetime.


How to take a helicopter tour

There are a few different companies that will gladly provide you with the helicopter experience. These companies strive to give you a safe and exciting helicopter tour. Make sure to choose a company that you feel comfortable with. Being able to trust in your pilot and the other crew is key to having a fun and worry-free experience.

You can book your tour over the phone or online with many companies on their websites. Before booking be sure to explore the site and get an idea of the tour you would like to take. You can also take this time to few their photo gallery and customer testimonials so that you have a better idea of what to expect.

It may take seeing the gorgeous landscape up close to realize you would like to view the land from the air. If you didn’t know you wanted a helicopter tour until you get to Zion, you will be able to book in person as well. When making a walk-in reservation, you will probably have to be more flexible with your tour since you did not make reservations ahead but this experience is well worth the wait.

Types of tours


One of the best things about helicopter tours near Zion is that the pilots know the locations of different formations and landmarks. They know where the best places to see throughout the Zion area are and will take you to see as many as they can fit into your trip. They also have a lot of knowledge about the history and statistics of the areas you will be exploring. Sightseeing tours are an excellent opportunity to learn something new about Zion during your trip.

Depending on the helicopter tour company you choose, from southern Utah, you are close to many national parks and monuments. There are more areas near Zion to be seen besides the rock formations and desert land. If there is somewhere outside of Zion that you would like to see you should ask the person you make your reservation with about other areas. You may be surprised by their ability to accommodate your requests. This is a great opportunity to see popular places in southern Utah and the surrounding areas in an exciting and unique way.


No matter which tour type you will be going on, you should always bring your camera along for the ride. What is so special about photography tours will be the different areas you will be taken to. Helicopter pilots know the most aesthetically desirable areas and will be able to take you to a variety of them during your trip. Photography tours are great for budding and professional photographers. They will give you a beautiful 360-degree view of nature’s wonder.

Tour routes and duration

When taking helicopter tours near Zion there are many different routes to choose from depending on the touring company. The shortest tours cover an average of 30 miles from the location of the helicopter touring company. The longest tours can be upwards of 100 miles away. When choosing where you want to fly and which company to use you will want to consider exactly what you would like to see.

Most touring companies have their available routes listed on their brochures or websites. To get an idea of where you will be going you should check the available routes and decide which one has the most to offer you. Once you have decided on the best route, or if you have any special request or questions, make sure to contact the helicopter touring company of your choosing.

What to look for

There are a lot of different features that you should keep an eye out for during your helicopter tour near Zion. Southern Utah is known for its unique rock formations. While they are amazing to see from the ground, they are even more incredible from the sky. As you look down on them you will get a better idea of how they were formed over time and realize how vast and expansive the Zion area is. You will also have amazing views of the bodies of water near Zion and the wildlife that revolves around it. By observing these areas from the sky, you will be able to be a part of nature without disturbing it.

When to go

Most companies can fly year-round if the weather permits. Like any activity near Zion, the time of year you take your helicopter right will depend on what you hope to see. The season you will take your tour is one of the last things to consider when reserving your helicopter tour.


To see the details of the rock formations a trip during the spring or summer is a great choice. These options also give you the opportunity to view the gorgeous flora and fauna Zion can offer. You may also get unique views of the wildlife during the spring or summer. Having a bird’s eye view of the Zion area during the warmer months will be an exhilarating experience.

If you prefer more comfortable weather for your trip, flying in the fall may be the best choice. There is less of a chance that you will have issues with rain during the fall as well. The views will be different from the warmer months but will be equally beautiful. The changing colors of the landscape offer amazing photo opportunities and sightseeing experiences.

While winters near Zion bring cold temperatures, they also bring a beautiful snowfall. This snowfall provides amazing photo opportunities and incredible views from the sky. A light dusting of snow on the rocky terrain turns the red rock into a soft, clean canvas. The frozen over lakes and icy streams make you feel as though you are surrounded by a winter wonderland.

No matter what time of year you choose to take a tour, you will have an unbeatable view of southern Utah. For an even more beautiful experience, schedule your tour closer to sunset for truly incredible views! No one will believe the photos and experiences you could capture from your helicopter tour near Zion.

Take to the skies

Riding in a helicopter provides an adrenaline rush you may be craving but in a safe space. If you have been out in the canyons or on the mountains exerting yourself, helicopter tours are a wonderful way to take a break from strenuous activity. As you fly around you may want to look out for areas that you would like to see from the ground. A helicopter tour is a terrific way to help you plan where you would like to hike or climb. There is no doubt that taking helicopter tours near Zion National Park will be an incredible adventure. No matter where or how long you fly you will get to see red rock country from a different perspective.