National Parks set to raise fees to $35, not $70

The Kolob Canyon District of Zion National Park is scheduled to close starting May 1st due to a reconstruction project. Certain access points to the canyon will be restricted as work will be done to help reconstruct sections of the road, and eventually repave the entire road. Additional accessible parking, sidewalk and toilet facilities will be added during the project. … Read More

Kolob Canyon

Zion National Park is so vast, it can be difficult to see the entire park, even when visiting for a long time. But, one part of Zion that should not be missed is beautiful Kolob Canyon. In the northwestern section of Zion, guests will find this massive portion of gorgeous red rock and wonderful trails. There are so many things … Read More

Camping Zion

Finding life in outer-space might be easier than showing up in Zion National Park un-announced and finding a camping location. Of course, the analogy falls short in that life beyond earth has yet to be proven whereas camping spots have surfaced from time-to-time, but is increasingly rare. In 2017 the park boasted over 4.5 million visitors. Social media and a … Read More